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9 non-negotiables for all your events communications

Event marketers: In need of some slick comms crafting to capture your audience and get people along? Want to build an engaged community whilst you’re at it? Of course you do. Here are 9 things to ponder for your event communications campaigns that’ll set you up for success long before registration opens…and during, and after,

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How to manage the expectations of your non-comms stakeholders

Regularly feel the pressure when it comes to other teams’ perception and expectations of your work? If you look after communications or marketing for your organisation, it’s likely you’ll answer with a yes. The business looks to your team for the kind of robust narrative and slick storytelling they can easily use to impress sales

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7 signs it’s time for a branding and communications refresh

To effectively communicate your brand outwardly, your own people need to be on the same page. Consistent and cohesive messaging sticks in prospective and existing customers’ minds. Plus, steady and undeviating communication inspires deeper confidence in your brand. Your website is the foundation of your digital presence, and (certainly for B2B businesses) is likely the

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From London to Nairobi, via Dubai: The world’s best workspaces

The Contented Agency team is a multifaceted group of writers, project managers, business owners and designers who all have one thing in common: We work remotely. Our global status means we get to search for and experience the best the world has to offer in workspaces. From the bustling and inspirational, to the uber zen

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How (not) to be your copywriter’s favourite client

A first draft that doesn’t hit the mark is a good thing. Hear us out; how else will you discover elements of your messaging that are important, but didn’t make the initial brief? Embracing imperfection means you can push the boundaries of creativity, flesh out a meaty content strategy and play around with your unique

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5 pitfalls to avoid when producing your Annual Report

Doing it all yourself The preparation of an annual report is an intensive exercise that almost always runs over. It is important that, as an organisation, you evaluate the possibility of hiring an agency to lead the documentation of the report as this will free up many of your human resources to focus on your

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Now is the perfect time to plan your 2023 content strategy

Tanya Alden-Zeter Not because it’s Q1, or even because it’s 2023, and your customers want to connect with you more than ever before. But because there is no time like the present to bust out of that perfectionism, procrastination, paralysis cycle. So often, multiple demands and responsibilities can leave any marketing, communications or founding team

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5 steps to creating content that cuts through

By 2025, global data creation and consumption are projected to grow to over 180 zettabytes. In a world that’s already averaging 500 million tweets per day, where 40% of 25-34 year olds call themselves content creators, it’s a lot to digest, isn’t it? Communications colleagues, we see you. We feel your pain. Your business has

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