5 creative comms hacks for ChatGPT – that have nothing to do with words

Boasting the fastest growing user base of all time, ChatGPT has no doubt made an impression on its 180M+ users and beyond. A tool that can generate text and ideas – and gather information – at record speeds, it’s an undeniably useful platform for brands, writers and content creators everywhere. But how to get truly creative with it? Read on for 5 tried-and-tested ChatGPT hacks for copywriters that go beyond simply formulating prose

  1. It all starts before you’re anywhere close to producing content. You need a plan. And for that plan to materialise, you require your audience(s) and their needs mapped. Ask ChatGPT this: “Make me a table, ChatGPT: Include the objectives, desires and fears of {add audience / audience’s job title}.” Then watch as a clear, concise chart emerges, serving as a ready-made base for a whole quarter of content themes. Amazing.
  1. Market research – no doubt you’ll have done some of this already. But did you know that ChatGPT can create a ready-to-send survey for your target audience? Specify your chosen demographic (or job titles for B2B content), the industry to focus on and the survey’s theme. Tailor and tweak to get the details just right for your brand, and get invaluable, super speedy market insights. 
  1. Next, you need context, history; timelines even. Yes, the ChatGPT training data only includes information valid up until January 2022, but a lot happened before then. Get key milestones for the brand you’re showcasing, notable works, timelines of key events…you get the jist. Set the scene for your work and learn as you create.
  1. You’re the wordsmith around here, but does your beautifully-written content resemble one monster paragraph enough to scare even the most eager reader away? Get your fonts and formatting sorted by ChatGPT. Simply prompt the platform to give you a “formatted version of the following text: {add text}” and watch as it bolds, italicises and indents your prose straight into shape. Much better.

Finally: Good content demands a slick design to help it really stand out. Icons, imagery and infographics aren’t yet produced by the tool alone – but can likely be created with your favourite image generation plugins. Or, our favourite friendly robot will happily describe ideas for infographics, logos and icons when given sufficient background. When we prompted for a copywriting agency logo that represents a global reach, social impact and remote working, we got a pretty detailed suggestion broken down by typography, design and overall feel:

One more thing: ChatGPT can visualise data too. Copy and paste from Excel, ask for a graph and add a little something to bring your data to life!

At The Contented Agency, we understand the challenges brands face in making impactful, high-spec, and timely content. We’ll listen with an eager ear, challenge you (kindly) and collaborate for truly excellent content. We love the tricky briefs as much as the straightforward ones; so say hello to the team and let’s talk!

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