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Why resisting the 9 till 5 still works – for everyone

Tanya Alden-Zeter This week, as I made my way home after visiting a client in Ladbroke Grove, sitting in a rush hour tube carriage really took me back. Not to a warm, nostalgic place; but to the grind of 2019 and the endless stop, start, heave, hustle, clamour and fuss of my ex-daily commute. Squeezed

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From London to Nairobi, via Dubai: The world’s best workspaces

The Contented Agency team is a multifaceted group of writers, project managers, business owners and designers who all have one thing in common: We work remotely. Our global status means we get to search for and experience the best the world has to offer in workspaces. From the bustling and inspirational, to the uber zen

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When Paula gets pregnant

The Paula Principle, Motherhood and Flexible Working by Rhiannon Fielder-Hobbs Today I am wearing the mirage of millennial professionalism. Laptop on the cafe table, coffee in hand. Yesterday I was scrubbing toilets. Perhaps, just call me Paula?  The Paula Principle, as penned by Tom Schuller in his book of the same name, looked to explore

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The CFO’s Guide to a Healthy Business

The Contented Agency are delighted to have worked with YuLife, Pleo and Pento on creating this guide – packed with practical takeaways from 3 FinTech leaders for CFOs, it details how they can shape and influence their business’ financial and employee wellbeing, like never before.

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