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What kindness actually looks like in the workplace

If kindness is at the forefront of everything we do, everyone thrives and succeeds. We ask company leaders for their thoughts on making kindness a business necessity. Name three killer traits of a company that’s likely to crush their revenue goals. Passion? Innovation? Accountability? Perhaps integrity, even. And kindness? We’ll bet that one lands far

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9 non-negotiables for all your events communications

Event marketers: In need of some slick comms crafting to capture your audience and get people along? Want to build an engaged community whilst you’re at it? Of course you do. Here are 9 things to ponder for your event communications campaigns that’ll set you up for success long before registration opens…and during, and after,

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Contented recommends…the May roundup

You watching anything good at the moment? Welcome back to the monthly edition of Contented Recommends; because when we’re not creating it, we’re devouring it. Good content makes us think, laugh, cry and, most importantly, share. Here’s what’s in our hands, plugged into our ears and top of our ‘You’ll love this’ lists for May.

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About last week…#AFSH24

The first week of May proved a big moment for the Contented team. A big moment, largely experienced from a rather small room in the depths of the KICC conference centre in central Nairobi. Team members from 4 countries, across 2 continents, came together in our mission to drive awareness of and garner meaningful engagement

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Writer or Robot? A Meeting of Minds at 54 Side Events

The AFSH Summit side events were not to be missed! Some of the conversations outside of the tents were as interesting as the sessions themselves. In tents on the lawn outside the Kenya International Convention Centre, delegates leaned in to the panel discussions and congregated together outside – heads together – continuing the conversations started

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Writer or Robot? Africa Fertilizer & Soil Health Summit: Continuing Conversations in a Buzzing Atmosphere

The Africa Fertilizer & Soil Health Summit was a vibrant convergence of experts and enthusiasts, with side events fueling the dialogue beyond the main sessions. These gatherings became hubs of dynamic interaction, where ideas were exchanged and collaborations were sparked. 1. Innovation and Partnerships: Sessions on innovative agricultural inputs and partnerships for a Pan-African Soil

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Writer or robot? Navigating AI in copywriting: Embracing creativity

In recent years, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked concerns about its potential impact on the field of copywriting. As AI-powered tools become more sophisticated, some may fear that these technologies could replace human writers altogether. However, it’s important to recognize that while AI has its strengths, it also has limitations that make

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Writer or Robot? Memes: The Ultimate Online Obsession

What’s your verdict? Is this piece written by a human, or by our trusty ChatGPT buddy? In today’s digital world, memes are everywhere. From hilarious cat videos to relatable reaction images, they’ve taken over social media and become an essential part of online culture. But why are we so obsessed with them? Well, for starters,

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