About Us

We Are Contented

The Contented Agency (AKA Contented) exists to unlock the hidden creative workforce, globally, so brands get compelling, unmissable content that builds loyal communities and propels businesses towards their commercial objectives.


1. …creates excellent, compelling, unmissable content that represents, empowers, and drives businesses towards their brand and commercial objectives.

Our global team of expert writers, designers, digital leaders, client service and project management specialists are committed to radically shaping how content is used to communicate and empower; delivering positive change and big impact.

It’s our job to present your messages in the most powerful way possible, with exciting, engaging, and consistent content that allows you to be a strong and impactful brand across every channel.

2. …offers a truly flexible, remote-first way of working that allows talented people the freedom to deliver outstanding results for clients, Contented and themselves.

Brands get the very best content if we give our people the freedom to focus on and pursue the things that matter to them, so they have the space and encouragement to manage their priorities and bring their very best to work. We call this ‘personalised working practices’, which means our people can work in the way that fits in with their other commitments. This allows each of us to be fully present in our work.

Regardless of where we live in the world, our lives are made up of people, situations, challenges and opportunities which all compete for our attention. For many talented people, this means traditional working hours and practices are prohibitive. These people form the ‘hidden workforce’. Unlocking this hidden, creative workforce is good for people, good for business, and good for the economy.

Contented understands that work isn’t (and shouldn’t be) all we stand for.

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