7 signs it’s time for a branding and communications refresh

  1. You ask 10 people in your organisation what your mission is – and receive 10 different responses

To effectively communicate your brand outwardly, your own people need to be on the same page. Consistent and cohesive messaging sticks in prospective and existing customers’ minds. Plus, steady and undeviating communication inspires deeper confidence in your brand.

  1. You don’t instinctively (and proudly) send people to your website 

Your website is the foundation of your digital presence, and (certainly for B2B businesses) is likely the first place people go to get a better understanding of what you do. If they discover out-of-date case studies, a lack of timely content and only a proportion of the services you say you offer, the likelihood is that they’ll move on quickly.

  1. You’ve not changed anything branding-related in 5 yrs

The world moves fast, so why don’t you? It’s very likely that in the last 5 years, there have been significant, if not seismic, changes in your industry. Consumers want to work with brands that are relevant, contemporary and – even if they’re not jumping on trends – are at least acknowledging them.

  1. Your company’s pitch deck has multiple versions 

You know the one – that deck that’s visually and linguistically inconsistent, easily edited by anyone in your organisation, and sometimes features a rogue slide – or three! A refresh of your communications should include the consolidation of a slick master deck; to include core slides and non-changeable brand assets such as fonts, logos and colour palettes.

  1. Different platforms get a different ‘you’ 

Sure, your content tone and style should be adapted for each platform and audience, but your offering and purpose shouldn’t sound wildly different. Keep things personal for Insta, opinionated for X and professional for LinkedIn – but make sure you do the work on the messaging that underpins and endures.

  1. Your most recent hires have a very different profile to 12 months ago

In 2022 and 2023, you made some fantastic hires for your organisation. Many of these probably share similar profiles, ways of working and comparable work experience. For 2024 though, perhaps your needs have changed, and so have your hiring requirements. It’s a great sign of an evolving business – but keep in mind that your external communications need to keep up too, if you’re going to attract the best candidates.

  1. You’ve recently launched new services or new markets 

At the very least, this creates a need to speak to a more diverse audience, with new challenges and preferences. It may well bring a whole new set of cultural norms and expectations too. Your visuals and language need to speak to your whole audience, not just one or two segments. 
At The Contented Agency, we understand the challenges brands face in making impactful, high-spec, and timely content. We’ll listen with an eager ear, challenge you (kindly) and collaborate for truly excellent content. We love the tricky briefs as much as the straightforward ones; so say hello to the team and let’s talk!

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