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About last week…#AFSH24

The first week of May proved a big moment for the Contented team. A big moment, largely experienced from a rather small room in the depths of the KICC conference centre in central Nairobi. Team members from 4 countries, across 2 continents, came together in our mission to drive awareness of and garner meaningful engagement

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Writer or Robot? A Meeting of Minds at 54 Side Events

The AFSH Summit side events were not to be missed! Some of the conversations outside of the tents were as interesting as the sessions themselves. In tents on the lawn outside the Kenya International Convention Centre, delegates leaned in to the panel discussions and congregated together outside – heads together – continuing the conversations started

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How to manage the expectations of your non-comms stakeholders

Regularly feel the pressure when it comes to other teams’ perception and expectations of your work? If you look after communications or marketing for your organisation, it’s likely you’ll answer with a yes. The business looks to your team for the kind of robust narrative and slick storytelling they can easily use to impress sales

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How (not) to be your copywriter’s favourite client

A first draft that doesn’t hit the mark is a good thing. Hear us out; how else will you discover elements of your messaging that are important, but didn’t make the initial brief? Embracing imperfection means you can push the boundaries of creativity, flesh out a meaty content strategy and play around with your unique

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