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When Paula gets pregnant

The Paula Principle, Motherhood and Flexible Working by Rhiannon Fielder-Hobbs Today I am wearing the mirage of millennial professionalism. Laptop on the cafe table, coffee in hand. Yesterday I was scrubbing toilets. Perhaps, just call me Paula?  The Paula Principle, as penned by Tom Schuller in his book of the same name, looked to explore

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5 reasons why remote-first businesses are more successful

Big talent pools to fish from. Good transport links for local, national and international meetings. Large office options for rapid expansion. Traditionally, ambitious start-ups and multi-national organisations alike have set up shop in major cities and industry hubs.  Things are changing.  This article is for anyone who’s looking for validation on setting up or switching

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Is the content approvals process killing your creativity?

If you’re a creative mind working as a content writer or creator in a highly regulated industry, you might feel like the choke hold on your creativity is getting tighter each day. However, there are ways you can take back creative control. Well paid and handcuffed In financial services content marketing, for example, being creative

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The CFO’s Guide to a Healthy Business

The Contented Agency are delighted to have worked with YuLife, Pleo and Pento on creating this guide – packed with practical takeaways from 3 FinTech leaders for CFOs, it details how they can shape and influence their business’ financial and employee wellbeing, like never before.

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