How (not) to be your copywriter’s favourite client

  1. You panic when the first draft isn’t “it”.

A first draft that doesn’t hit the mark is a good thing. Hear us out; how else will you discover elements of your messaging that are important, but didn’t make the initial brief? Embracing imperfection means you can push the boundaries of creativity, flesh out a meaty content strategy and play around with your unique tone of voice. 

It also helps create sustainable, long term relationships with your content agency as they, and you, learn and develop your brand’s identity collaboratively. Trust us, these early reworks can be the most fun and fruitful part of the content building process!

  1. You want to rush a huge project.

The definition of what constitutes a very large project is often subjective. Let’s put it this way: For the brand who are yet to embark on a content and communications journey, there is no such thing as just ‘a few quick bits of content’. This is the foundation of how you speak to your current and future customers. 

So make it count! Establishing your key messages, your brand’s tone of voice and a content timeline will always be time well spent and resources smartly invested. And it’ll help ensure the content ideas flow better and more consistently, too.

  1. You don’t give radically honest feedback.

Why hold back? You’ve hired a writer or an agency to do a specific job for you. You want to get the best result for your investment, and so you should. You know what else? The person whose skills you’re utilising wants to accomplish something great, too.

Criticism isn’t a bad thing, and any good content agency won’t take it personally. Back it up with the whys and the how-we-move-forwards, and add a generous dose of politeness – but don’t leave crucial comments unsaid.

Keep feedback constructive and optimistic, yet very, very honest; and enjoy the time and energy saved.

  1. Cutting costs is your number one priority.

We get it. You’ve got to make content production work in a cost-effective way. But if every step of your content journey is hindered by trying to cut costs, it’s going to be a long and painful ride. Highly trained writers and designers are a rare gem – an expensively rare gem at that, but well worth the spend.

If right now, things are super tight and you’re prioritising other business areas, it’s completely understandable. But make everyone’s lives easier, and put your specialist hire on hold for a bit.

  1. You’ve got no goals.

We’re not checking our Google Analytics or Hubspot stats on the daily, either. It’s a pointless exercise, and reacting too hastily to frequent fluctuations in interactions and sales for your brand can even be counter-productive. But there is a balance to strike. 

If you’re hoping to inspire conversation and bring your brand to new eyes, observing content interactions, shares and comments; then combining comms efforts with a brand monitoring tool would make a wise choice. Or, perhaps a content marketing campaign that converts is key for your business. If so, working towards realistic lead generation targets will help. Just remember – objectives evolve, and so should your KPIs! Don’t be afraid to revisit the goals you’re setting on a regular basis.

  1. You’ve set no deadline(s).

Goalposts move. It’s a fact of content creation life, especially when working on a transformative or from-scratch project. It’s not ideal, but actually, it’s okay; if deadlines move, most writers and agencies will get it. After all, sometimes it takes time in the weeds to truly determine the full scope of work, or resources might be needed elsewhere at a moment’s notice. 

At the very least, have completion and invoicing dates agreed for the initial stage of your plan. If things need to stay flexible from there, transparency and overcommunication is the way forward! 

  1. You let the work go through never-ending revisions.

Two rounds, maximum three, should be enough. Get your people in one room, people.

  1. When it comes to your brand, you’re blinkered.

You know your brand, your product, your goals and your customers best. It’s your baby, after all.

Actually, once out there for others to experience, it’s no longer your baby at all. Think about the products you interact with every day. As a customer and a company outsider, you expect your perspective to count, right?

The same goes for your agencies, copywriters and any other partners for your content efforts. Listen carefully to their views on your brand’s image and reputation; a zoomed-out, objective viewpoint can help target – then transform – any gaps and problem areas.

  1. You’re not putting your customers at the heart of everything.

Where would you be without them? How would you turn a profit? What would inspire product development and/or services expansion? Who would spread the word on how brilliant you are? 

See where we’re going with this? Resist the temptation to talk about what you do brilliantly, and make it all about the problems you solve for people. More on that in our piece on Creating content that cuts through.

  1. You waste a whole lot of good work.

You create and approve some killer content, but don’t exploit it to its potential. Or worse – you don’t use it all. 

Blog posts, industry reports and videos destined for your social channels don’t reach many people whilst sitting in a shared company folder. So don’t overthink it. Get it out there, and don’t wait for the perfect moment or to please everyone involved. It’ll never happen.

And if that long-read report is no longer fit for purpose, then repurpose! Lengthier pieces can always be chopped, mixed and matched to create bitesize nuggets for your LinkedIn, Instagram and X accounts. Don’t let that precious work go to waste.

At The Contented Agency, we understand the challenges brands face in making impactful, high-spec, and timely content. We’ll listen with an eager ear, challenge our clients (with kindness) and collaborate for truly excellent content. We love the tricky briefs as much as we do the straightforward ones; so say hello to the team and let’s talk!

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