5 steps to creating content that cuts through

By 2025, global data creation and consumption are projected to grow to over 180 zettabytes. In a world that’s already averaging 500 million tweets per day, where 40% of 25-34 year olds call themselves content creators, it’s a lot to digest, isn’t it?

Communications colleagues, we see you. We feel your pain. Your business has a unique vision and a real purpose, and you know you provide unrivalled expertise and value for your customers. But trying to compete with and make your brand’s voice heard amongst the myriad of content and marketing must-dos that each new year brings to the digital landscape is, in a word, challenging. 

Make 2023 your boldest year yet and swerve all the commotion, with Contented’s 5 top tips for content that cuts through the noise.

  1. Find out what your customers want to see, hear and discover

Your customers haven’t met you yet – so they don’t know just how perfect you are for them.

Understanding your audience’s pain points, positioning these as relatable challenges and then proposing tangible solutions via your brand’s content goes a very long way to convincing them to buy from you. 

Hubspot’s digestible approach to brand content makes them a time and again go-to for marketing professionals, as a resource bursting with guides and how-tos on everything from social media scheduling to content marketing strategy.

Focus on the answers that consumers want from you, rather than what your brand wants to show and tell, and watch as engagement grows far beyond their initial purchase.

  1. Create vivid, relatable personas

We say get to the nitty gritty of what drives your customer. What irritates them? Who do they hang out with? Why did they choose your brand…and what would drive them to leave you? Get to know them properly. 

As humans, we intuitively adapt according to who we’re communicating with. Do you speak to your grandma in the same way as your boss? (We thought not). Personalise your business’ messaging too, and create content that speaks to each persona’s individuality.

Citysprint succeeded in their 2021 recruitment drive by doing just this; by adapting their job ads to 4 equally high-calibre but unique candidate profiles, they appealed to a range of potential employees with differing motivations and priorities. This, alongside their relatable and informative video on what to expect from a career with CitySprint, ensured an engaging set of messages that spoke directly to all the right personas.

  1. Tell the authentic story that represents your values

Whether that’s your brand’s story, or your customers’ experiences (preferably both), content that makes for genuine storytelling is emotive – and emotions influence purchase decisions, fact.

Conduct real conversations with your brand stakeholders and ask them questions that other brands don’t. 

Try “How would you feel if you could no longer use our service?” as a start. Showcase the responses in your comms, and connect with your potential customers’ emotional motivators. Whether it’s tapping into the need to stand out from the crowd, or to experience a sense of belonging – even a simple desire for pleasure – seeing and hearing from others enjoying your product will nudge future customers towards you.

When your company values align with those of your audience, and your messaging lives and breathes such values, the foundations of your customer relationships are strengthened. No one can deny that Patagonia’s Working Knowledge Stories campaign is fully in sync with their core value of using business to protect nature, and combined with stunning visuals, this campaign really packs a punch.

  1. Remember – consistency and persistency pay 

An average of 43% of baby boomers, Gen X and millennials customers prefer a (sales) rep-free experience. This means you’ll need to inform and inspire these decision makers before they’ll even engage in a face-to-face conversation.

Exposing audiences to your content in a strategic and sequential manner is truly convincing when done right. Gain consumer trust and build your brand identity by remaining consistent in your messaging across all communications channels. Don’t worry about repetition – if the content is relevant, helpful and original, your message will cut through! 

  1. Carve time for cross-team collaboration

We know; being creative takes effort. Set 30 minutes aside each week, get at least three people to commit and set an agenda that looks something like this:

  • Share the best thing you’ve seen, heard or read since last week and why you loved it
  • One creative challenge you’ve faced in the last week and either how you overcame it (or why you didn’t)

Make the session your own, of course, but these are easy ways to get people talking creatively and analysing why stuff works.

Say hello to The Contented Agency team and find out how we can craft your key messaging and tone of voice guide, plus a tailored content strategy that will help achieve your brand and business objectives.

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