Purposeful content: Waking up to make a difference

In 2024, a smart strategy in any business includes social investment. Not a panicked, once-a-year gesture that serves as a box-ticking exercise (although arguably that’s better than nothing at all), but a sustained, regular and conscious commitment to helping social enterprise and not-for-profit causes.

With such a direct impact on companies’ hiring efforts and their bottom line, CSR has – thankfully – become an area that leaders simply can’t afford to ignore.

The Karen Street Children’s Trust 

This Nairobi-based trust ensures that school fees, uniforms and resources are provided for children who have the potential to thrive within Kenya’s education system, but are faced with extremely difficult circumstances. 

Contented has sponsored Grace, a 17-year-old student,  for the past three years. Thanks to our own growth, this year we have been able to make a significant donation towards other students’ wellbeing too.

Highlighting the enormous potential of women is a matter very close to our hearts at Contented; and this is reflected not only in the project we support, but in the clients we take on too. Whether it’s by sponsoring this inspiring young woman, providing input on insight papers for AMI featuring African female entrepreneurs, or interviewing WAYA winner and Kiel Bien-Être founder Celia Chabi via the AGRF podcast, we’ll always strive to work on projects that support the achievements and contributions of women globally.

Community Massage London 

From Nairobi to London, and to everyday wellbeing within the local community. It’s another of our chosen organisations for 2024:

Teresa Meekings set up Community Massage London with a very clear goal: “Our mission is to empower all sections of our community to prioritise their wellbeing through access to affordable complementary therapies. We strive to create a supportive environment where everyone can invest in their health, while offering opportunities for those with greater means to contribute to the well-being of others.”

Her inspiration came from witnessing the positive impact that even brief complementary therapy sessions could bring to people’s lives – and the fact that there is a clear gap in access to such therapies amongst some of the borough’s most vulnerable communities. 

Despite consistent feedback on how the sessions help clients with pain levels, mobility and anxiety, funding is a constant challenge.

So what inspires her and the team to carry on? “It’s giving those who would not otherwise have access the chance to enjoy these therapies. And it’s the shared dedication and vision of the therapists and volunteers that make such a tangible difference to the lives of clients.”

CML client, 2023

Tanya, Contented’s Head of Client Services, combines looking after our clients with her work as a reflexology practitioner – and she works closely with Teresa on several projects.

“Being able to work as a reflexologist outside of the traditional spa or clinical space is a real privilege. It’s also eye-opening. Part of my work is with members of the community who face very real physical and mental health challenges daily. I spend time in workplaces too, where employees are stressed, overstimulated and in need of a proper break from their work and their screens. 

With both groups, I so often hear from them that the 30 minutes they have spent in treatment has made their day – to be honest, I can see it before they say it – they leave with renewed focus, they’re super grateful and their employers rebook time and time again!”

An effective and sustainable CSR policy must do what it’s designed to; align businesses with their communities. And there are so many advantages when such synergy is created.

How these advantages look will differ between organisations – from employees who are happy balancing their time and making a difference; to the potential to drive local and global awareness of your company’s full scope of services, it all matters. The bottom line is this; when businesses give back, everyone benefits.

At The Contented Agency, we understand the challenges brands face in making impactful, high-spec, and timely content. We’ll listen with an eager ear, challenge you (kindly) and collaborate for truly excellent content. We love the tricky briefs as much as the straightforward ones; so say hello to the team and let’s talk!

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