Writer or robot? What the meme really means to us

Unless you’ve made a point of avoiding popular internet culture (and even then, you can’t have escaped entirely), memes will undoubtedly form part and parcel of the content you consume every day. From the classic ‘distracted boyfriend’ to that dress debacle – it was white and gold, definitely – the best memes are customisable, amusing little snapshots of what it means to be a human.

In reality, the majority focus on the most banal and even unsavoury sides of human nature. So why do we love them so much? Well, with current world affairs weighing a heavy load on our everyday lives, a good meme provides 3 shareable feelings that we all crave from time to time…

So there we have it – a finger on the pulse of exactly why memes are everywhere, and a strong hint that they’re going nowhere soon. As long as the most creative content creators continue to up their game, the humble meme can continue its job in bringing us together, making us feel better and providing a sprinkling of solace on those harder human days.

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