Financial independence? It starts with education

Harriette Foulkes-Arnold

One of the reasons I started Contented was because I believe financial independence should be open to everyone.. Financial independence tends to start with education.When  access to free education is absent, this creates a  stumbling block to getting paid work that enables us  to earn  our own money. Being financially independent gives someone more freedom to pursue their own dreams,decreases reliance  on the State and empowers them  to support their family and the wider community.

“In Kenya primary schooling is free, but secondary schooling has to be paid for. This means that many children simply cannot continue school after the age of 14, even if they are very bright. This is a huge loss, for the child, for the family, and for the community, and the missing of an opportunity to climb out of poverty.” – The Karen Street Children’s Trust

Contented’s mission is to unlock the global talent pool. And part of that means sharing  our profits with those who need a helping hand. Contented’s work with communications teams in Kenya and across the African continent is a key pillar of our mission as an agency. Since 2019 we have worked with The Karen Street Children’s Trust, sponsoring 17-year old Grace’s education. 

Our February update from the KSCT brings the news thatGrace maintains a fantastic score of coming third in her class and is now in her final year in High School. If she continues to work hard, which we’re sure she will, then she should easily qualify for college.  Without charities such as  The Karen Street Children Trust, Grace would most likely have been forced to finish her education aged 11, and to start  work in order to support herself and her family. With a secondary education comes the promising prospect of college and, hopefully, university. 

As we grow at Contented, we hope to help more children gain access to education, nudging  them a step further towards financial independence in adulthood. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about the work of Karen Street Children:

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