Contented recommends…the May roundup

Welcome back to the monthly edition of Contented Recommends; because when we’re not creating it, we’re devouring it. Good content makes us think, laugh, cry and, most importantly, share.

Here’s what’s in our hands, plugged into our ears and top of our ‘You’ll love this’ lists for May.

In books

An African History of Africa – a beautiful journey, wrapped in a beautiful design.

As Margaret Busby CBE so eloquently puts it: “Zeinab Badawi’s remarkable new book lives up to her dependable standards of excellence. It takes the reader on an up-close-and-personal journey across this unique continent, seemingly holding your hand while uncovering extraordinary gems of truth as she allows previously untold stories to be heard.

In audiobooks

You’re not obliged to listen to the audiobook version, we just love listening to the man himself narrate his life’s thrilling – and at times, harrowing – experiences. From the Sykes-Picot agreement, to the pursuit of Saddam Hussein, plus the Egyptian and Libyan uprisings, this personal account offers enormous insight into how and why the region came to face its modern-day challenges. Our favourite part, though? The glimpses of hope and optimism that spring from Bowen’s conversations with locals; confirming that all is certainly not as it seems in the global media spotlight.

In podcasts

“The Rest is History” is one for those long runs, flights, train journeys or the rare hours that you get to yourself! Around an hour an episode, Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook delve into all manner of historical topics. The history of chocolate is just one delicious episode – or perhaps the Pyramids would be your pick. Love Lord Byron? Scandal, celebrity and dangerous liaisons are all here too. A frankly astonishing spectrum of well-informed and thoroughly researched content, this one never gets old.

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