Tanya Alden-Zeter

I joined the Contented team after 10 years of managing digital campaigns and client service teams in the AdTech & Agency world.

Between my Contented projects and clients, I also run a mobile Reflexology business, weekly Zoom fitness classes and, very often, after my 1-year-old beagle, Brie

For me, life is about discovering as much as possible and spending the majority of our time doing things that truly bring us joy. I try to maintain this mentality as much as possible by trying new and exhilarating experiences whenever possible (I actually flew that plane myself!) and by working with projects, people and environments that really inspire me.

I am so delighted to be part of The Contented Agency. It is fantastic to be able to work as part of a leadership, writing and design team all striving towards a vision of producing truly insightful content in a flexible and creative manner – without restraints on time or place. And to work with clients who are breaking new ground and making a genuine difference within their respective fields is both important and very refreshing.