It all began in 2022 with the war in my home country, Ukraine.

I moved abroad, into the unknown, with my then 4-year-old daughter. After searching for a more permanent place to stay for a while, we were eventually able to relocate to a small village in Scotland. My daughter attended primary school and my priority was to find work. That’s when I met Harriette and The Contented Agency.

As a professional with a Masters in Marketing with experience in project management, the remote Project Manager position was a great fit! I started in May 2023 and since then, working for the agency has got me back on my feet. Remote working with flexible hours means I can combine working with single parenting. I can find the time to play with my daughter, get her to after school activities and be present for her.

I believe my life is getting back together with The Contented Agency; and I’m ready to keep working towards my daughter’s bright future.