Jane Brown

I enjoyed a long and rewarding career in publishing and communications before a family move to Kenya in 2005.

After graduating with a science degree in 1987, I initially worked for the newly launched Independent newspaper moving quickly into management. I could write, and was increasingly called upon to produce various bits of copy. I left The Independent and joined EMAP Business Publishing in 1993, ultimately becoming Publishing Director of Press Gazette. That’s where my love of journalism really took hold. The mid 1990s was an exciting and vibrant time to be in the milieu of the national press and I loved every minute of it.

After numerous publishing roles, a career break and a stint in the Public Sector, my husband took on a role in Kenya, and I followed with two small children. Since then, I have worked as a freelance copywriter for a wide range of organisations, including large commercial outfits, NGOs and government agencies. Keen to expand my horizons, I begin an MA in Journalism this September at Oxford Brookes University, part-time to accommodate work and my nomadic lifestyle.

I love working with Contented because it gives me the flexibility to work when and wherever I can. Working with Contented means I can be riding my horse up in the tea plantations above Nairobi in the morning or off on a run among the rolling hills of the Cotswolds one minute and back at my computer solving how best to communicate a message the next minute. It’s the variety that makes all the difference, and so much more than just a job.