Brian Moseti

There are days when I wonder what the people I have met in my professional and personal lives would describe me as.

I fancy that they should mention the numerous international companies and organisations, such as AGRA, UNICEF and Barclays Bank, that I have written technical pieces for. Or the newspapers and magazines, such as the Progressive, where some of my cherished journalistic work has been published. Or that I served as the launch editor of Kenya’s first ever evening newspaper. Or that I tried to be a nurse, but failed miserably, because the blood that flows in my veins, is that of a writer. 

 Yet I suspect that most of these career highlights that I take pride in may be overshadowed by achievements in my personal life. So, here I go again, praying that, perhaps, raising a daughter and son, in today’s harsh economy is a worthwhile achievement. I would also be quite bitter if my humble collection of classic cars and motorbikes is not mentioned. It is a money-pit, but one that gives me immense satisfaction, while allowing me, quite a socially-awkward person, to have things that I am Contented to speak about. See what did I did there!