Case Study


What We Did

Content creation
Reports design
Whitepaper creation

What We Did

  • Interviews
  • Content creation
  • Reports design
  • Whitepaper creation

The Company

AGRA- (Alliance for A Green Revolution in Africa) is a farmer-centered, African-led and partnerships-driven institution, that is transforming Africa’s smallholder farming from a solitary struggle to survive to businesses that thrive.

AGRA (the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa) is focused on transforming agriculture across Africa, supporting the smallholder farmer by working with governments to adapt and adopt new policies, improve systems and facilitate partnerships with the private sector.

The Challenge

  • To communicate AGRA’s achievements in line with their objectives, providing concrete evidence in a unique and impactful way that inspires future involvement and investment.
  • To create inspiring content that tells the story of AGRA and demonstrates the impact it is having to smallholder farmers across Africa.
  • To cut through the technical jargon and clearly communicate who AGRA are, what they do and the impact they are making

The Solution

Annual Reports: Contented produced AGRA’s 2018 and 2019 Annual Reports. Conducting interviews with senior personnel, writing all content and designing the final reports. We worked closely with the communications teams to ensure we clearly communicated AGRA’s past successes and its future strategy, delivering reports that tell the AGRA story and demonstrate their impact. We are currently producing AGRA’s 2020 Annual Report.

Whitepapers: We developed a set of whitepapers, working closely with the technical leads to take detailed, complex information and turn it into engaging papers that clearly demonstrated the wealth of expertise and the value AGRA’s teams bring.

Impact stories: A huge part of AGRA’s work is demonstrated through telling real stories of the work AGRA does with and for Smallholder farmers across Africa. We took technical information from the Country Offices and turned them into engaging stories, detailing the real-life impact of AGRA’s programs and partnerships on individual farmers’ knowledge, confidence and crop productivity, which immediately demonstrated the impact AGRA has.

“Contented understand well who we are and how we communicate the impact of our work to multiple stakeholders. Harriette and the team have played a key role in
helping to plan, research and produce our reports and articles, managing input from multiple sources and working to tight deadlines. They combine deep subject
knowledge with proficient editorial skills to deliver high-impact written communications for AGRA.”

Andrew Cox

Chief of Staff, AGRA

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