Case Study


What We Did

Content creation
Reports design

The Company

The AECF (Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund) supports businesses in the agribusiness and renewable energy sectors to innovate, create jobs and attract investors, in an effort to create resilience and sustainable incomes in rural and marginalised communities in Africa.

The Challenge

  • To create communications that place emphasis on AECF’s 2018-2020 strategy to “double our impact in half the time”.
  • To produce content that demonstrates AECF’s successes in actioning their strategy and assist in effectively communicating these achievements to potential investors.
  • To take technical data and turn it into a narrative that clearly demonstrates AECF’s value and impact

The Solution

Annual Report: Working with senior management, the Contented team carried out a series of interviews, wrote all content and designed the 2019 AECF Annual Report. We are currently producing the 2020 Annual Report.

Technical reports: Taking very technical information, we rewrote and edited three reports, ensuring the key messages were prominent and that the reports clearly told the AECF story. Once written, we designed the reports for maximum visual impact and engagement.

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